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Helpful Tips From A Hollywood Beach Mommy

Hollywood Beach is perfect for relaxing out on the sand. The soothing sound of waves crashing on the shore, salty breeze keeping you cool, and a frozen beverage is never more than a short stroll away. That is until you have kids and try to take them with you. Then you just want to avoid traumatizing them by having a nervous breakdown trying to keep everyone safe and happy. It is possible, it just takes patience, practice and a few insider tips that just might keep you sane.

First off, apply sunscreen before you get out of the car. Preferably before you leave the house, but bare minimum before the swim suits go on. You are less likely to miss important spots and trust me, trying to do it on the sand will turn into exfoliation that is completely unnecessary for baby skin.

Umbrellas might have worked pre-baby but they are more of a hindrance now. Take advantage of the cabanas for rent. It's one less thing you have to drag out to the beach, someone else has to set it up, and most importantly, you don't have deal with chasing a rogue umbrella tumbling toward the broad walk. If you prefer to make a long term investment, purchase a camping tent. It not only offers shade but is perfect if the little ones need a nap as well.

Water shoes are quite possibly the most horrendous fashion accessory in existence. That being said, just accept that both you and your kids should own a pair. Be it hot sand or dried out sea weed lining the coast, those little feet need to be protected, and your feet need to be able to chase them. The good news is you can make up for this fashion faux pas with super cute sun hats crucial for protecting scalps from sunburn.

Of course you want to capture all these awesome beach moments, but do yourself a favor and purchase a waterproof camera disposable or otherwise. If you haven't already learned the hard way the beach is no place for a decent camera. Even if you miraculously keep it from getting wet, sand will find its way into every crevice of your camera and turn it into a very expensive disposable camera. Also leave your phone in a sandwich bag. You are better off with no pictures of a fun day than with a few pictures of the last day that nice camera worked.

It only takes once to learn that wheels and sand don't work well together. Lucky for us the broadwalk runs right next to the beach. If you really must take the stroller make sure you park near a one of the handicap tarps out to the sand. Preferably invest in a waterproof carrier. You will get tons of use out of it and will have no problem reselling it locally when your babe out grows it.

Always be waterproof. You may not think you are going into the water, but something will happen, it always does. And even if you don't go into the ocean, you will get soaked cleaning everything and everyone off.

Don't fight nature, you always lose. Try and avoid the harshest sun by going early morning or late afternoon. Coincidentally you also avoid the busiest beach hours, so double win. Also, embrace the sand. It's going to get everywhere so there is no point in making yourself miserable all day trying to avoid it.

Most importantly, alter your expectations. It will not be the same relaxing experience you had before children nor will it be that perfect beach day with the children that you see on TV. It does however get easier with every trip. And one day before you know it, you will have a relaxing day at the beach with the kids and wonder what ever stressed you out in the first place.