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City Leaders Whine About Urban Art

City leaders aren't happy with David "Lebo" Le Batard's mural called Bee-Bop Into Outer Space in downtown Hollywood.

We don’t want it to start looking like a ghetto over there,” City Commissioner Patricia Asseff said.

Yeah!.We wouldn't want to drive away all the crack addicts and hookers with ghetto art now would we?

The city paid Lebo one thousand dollars for the art where he typically commands $20,000 for his work. This might be your problem Mr. Lebo. Hollywood prefers to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for its art... Also, you just might have been received better if you put a giant broken digital clock in your mural.

I've seen the art in question. Its not my thing, but its fine. It shows an internal interest in culture in the community and that's a good thing whether its understood by everybody or not.